Thailand Travel Diary – Pt. 1

Thailand – what an amazing holiday. Amazing because it is such a beautiful place, but also because it was a family holiday (the best kind). Lex and I went with my parents and my brother Dan and his (new!) wife, Amy. Mum and Dad had been to Thailand before and Dan and Amy had been to Bali, so they all had a little insight in to what to expect. Lex had also been through Asia quite a bit back when he was a cyclist. For me, I was an Asia newbie and wasn’t really prepared for the culture shock that I was about to receive.

From the moment I stepped off the place and got in to a maxi taxi to take us to Karon, I knew I wasn’t in Sydney anymore! As we were driving to the resort, our taxi drive pulled over without notice and disappeared for a good 10 minutes. It was 8pm at night in a foreign country and I just thought, ‘great!’. He got back in to the cab and started driving. No questions asked! As soon as we got to Beyond Resort, Karon, I was in paradise. We were greeted with a platter of fresh fruit and made to feel like royalty! We checked in to our rooms which were all on the ground floor and faced straight towards the pool and resort bar – perfect! Did I mention Beyond Resort is adults-only?!

We were all a little tired and hungry (planes do that to you!) and we headed across the street to a little outdoor family-run restaurant. I tried to Google the name of the restaurant and do a little map search but it’s not in English! I went with fried rice – my attempt to slowly immerse myself in to Thai food and cooking without getting something similar to a Bali-belly! It was amazing and got me hooked to fried rice for the rest of the trip. In fact, every morning in our hotel buffet breakfast I filled my plate up with fried rice – so not good for me, but hey, when in Thailand!

Our next day was spent lazing around the pool, drinking super-sweet cocktails and planning for the rest of the week. What was in store? Elephants, kick-boxing, go-karting, mini-golf, getting really seasick on a boat that broke down in the middle of the ocean, and of course, Bangla Road! Stay tuned for the rest of my Thailand travel diary.

Lis x


5 thoughts on “Thailand Travel Diary – Pt. 1

    • greenwichlane says:

      That would’ve been so great to have someone around who knew the area well. Thailand was a whole new world for me, a bit of a culture shock but I absolutely loved it. The people were so friendly there too.


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