A toast to Italy

In just over a week I’ll be jetting off from Sydney to visit the wonderful world of pizza and pasta, otherwise known as Italy. When I decided to be a high school teacher I didn’t imagine I’d have the opportunity to travel across the world and be paid to do it!! The idea actually came about when I got a job teaching Ancient History. As part of the Year 12 course (thats the highest grade in the Australian school system), we teach Pompeii and Herculaneum – an Ancient city in Naples, Italy that was destroyed, and preserved, by  the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. We are taking 22 students to Italy to see this marvellous historical site! While we’re there we are also going to Rome and the Isle of Capri.


If there’s one thing I’m truly passionate about (apart from food), it is History. I find the study of Ancient History to be truly fascinating and helps us put our own lives into perspective, to understand that we’re a blip on a radar that has spanned thousands of years and will continue to well beyond our time. One day our society will be studied by high school students. And what a study it will be – our current society has had an abundance of political, economic, and social ideologies and events which will be the stuff of Historians for many years to come! Imagine even being studied as an ‘Ancient Society’ in the future. The future generation of students won’t be able to comprehend the fact that we were only using an iPhone 6 and that our cars travelled on the road instead of hovering- how ancient indeed!

If this was a History blog I could clearly  ramble on forever, however, to bring it back to the foodie theme, I must say how excited I am to sit in the Piazza sipping on some Vino and slurping down some spaghetti. Lex always says the tomatoes are better in Italy and he’s so right. The sauce is always better I find. Mum is coming with me on this trip and she’s looking forward to some gelato!

Italian food is all about ingredients and it’s not fussy and it’s not fancy.

Wolfgang Puck

If I seem to go missing from the blogging world, rest assured, it’s only temporarily. And while I may be having the time of my life nestled among history, culture and Italian food, please pray for me – I really can’t afford to lose a kid in Rome!

Lis x


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