In House Kitchen, Port Stephens

Continuing on with my Port Stephens foodie adventures, I simply had to write about the beautiful ‘In House Kitchen’. This is a cafe come restaurant nestled within a drool-worthy homeware interior store. Mum is obsessed with this shop (actually she’s obsessed with shopping whenever she goes up the coast!). Her main reason for loving the shop is because it’s jam packed with kitchen gadgets – you name it, she’s bought it. Noteworthy items she’s bought include the Watermelon slicer and the Avocado shell…Mum, have you used these yet…?

Anyway, Mum, Lex and I went to In House Kitchen for a lunchtime bite to eat. The cafe is set up beautifully and you can just tell attention to detail is everything! Have a look at the pictures below:


What we ordered:

To start with Lex and I ordered a ‘Real Fruit Smoothie’ – I chose Mixed Berries for mine and Lex went with the Mango. These were absolutely HUGE but absolutely declious – it was a win, win! For our food the three of us all decided to be really different and adventurous, so we all ordered the Open Steak Sandwich which came on on morpeth sourdough, and had cheddar cheese, beetroot relish, aioli and rocket – served with chips of course! Mum and I opted to have it without beetroot. The presentation was faultless and the food was really, really nice. I’m not usually a steak sandwich kind of girl, but I found this full of flavour and perfectly cooked. Mum is a bit of a steak sandwich connoisseur, and when I asked her if she’d order it again, I was met with a resounding “yes”!

I feel like any description could not do this meal justice. Have a look at the photos below – I apologise in advance if they make you hungry!!

Lis x

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