Union Jacks, London

Lex and I love our Football (or Soccer, as some Aussies still call it…), and when we went to London, football games and stadium tours were high on our list of things to do. Royal family stalking was also high on the list…

It was a rainy day in London when we decided to head to the home of my beloved Spurs. The stadium tour was unreal and we got to see behind the scenes of White Hart Lane. On the bus on the way home we drove past Union Jack’s in Convent Garden. We decided to pull over because a) we were hungry and b) I’m a huge Jamie Oliver fan.

Union Jack’s is Jamie Oliver’s themed diner for wood-fired flatbread pizzas, grills and sharing plates. It has a great vibe to it and the staff are super friendly and laid back. The prices were also quite reasonable with a full pizza setting you back about 12pounds. Think of it as Italian pizza with a British twist.
Below are my top 3 picks at Union Jack’s:

Old Spot
Slow-roast shoulder of pork, quince and Bramley sauce, Cropwell Bishop Stilton, cracklings and watercress

Red Ox
Oxtail and brisket, slow braised in Worcestershire sauce, Sparkenhoe Red Leicester, watercress and fresh horseradish – not my typical go-to kind of pizza, but the fact that it is slow braised makes it a winner

Chilli Freak
6 chilli varieties, roasted and crushed with tomatoes, Tom Calver’s fresh curd, rocket, mint and lemon. Not for the faint hearted but perfect for Lex and I.

Lex, fancy going back to London? The Premier League is heating up and it could be the year for Tottenham!

Lis x



21 thoughts on “Union Jacks, London

  1. Léa says:

    A friend in London keeps telling me to visit. I’ve been putting it off for a few years. Is there anything on offer for vegetarians?

    Thanks for the follow and bon appetit! Lea

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