Baccomatto Osteria, Sydney

For Valentine’s Day this year (well technically the night before Valentine’s Day), Lex and I decided to try out Baccomatto Osteria in Surry Hills. I had been looking forward to visiting all week as I had spent some time on their website and the photos were drool-worthy. We were happily greeted by the personable host and ushered to our table. The set up of Baccomatto is unique, elegant and modern. It serves upmarket Italian cuisine in a trendy, modern restaurant with a marble bar (gorgeous!) and a bustling vibe.

The great thing about the restaurant is that they have weekday specials, making it a perfect spot for locals to grab a bite to eat during the hustle and craziness of the working week. On Monday you can get a pasta and a glass of vino for only $20, and on Tuesdays they offer Fish and a glass of house wine for just $25! For more specials check out their website:!whatson/c1c9t

What we ordered:

I find it difficult to look past olives when they’re featured on the menu. In saying that though, they need to be fresh olives, not cooked. I asked the waitress who informed me the olives were “freshly marinated in garlic and herbs”. This statement alone was enough for me to make my decision for entree. The olives came in a small bowl on a wooden chopping board with a few pieces of lightly toasted bread – delicious! Of course Lex and I had been craving this meal for a whole week and a serving of olives just couldn’t possibly do! So we ordered the Meatballs with Tomato and Basil, as well as a side of the Zucchini Flowers stuffed with ricotta and basil. The meatballs were soooooo good, they were fresh, tasty and fell apart as soon as you stuck your fork in! The tomato sauce was also a winner – the waitress could tell we liked it, she offered to bring us more bread to scoop it up. As for the Zucchini Flowers, Lex is more of a fan and can’t resist them when he sees them on the menu – I don’t dislike them but they’re not my first choice. Lex and I agree that these Zucchini Flowers were too dry. They had breadcrumbs on the outside and they were a little difficult to eat because they were so dry. I would have liked a little more tomato sauce drizzled on top. Overall though, a good start to our dining experience at Baccomatto.

For mains I ordered the Pappardelle with Duck Ragu. Admittedly I’ve never had duck ragu, normally I have my pappardelle with beef. Even though I’m not sure duck is my meat of choice, the pasta was still delicious. Lex also had a few spoonfuls and thought it was great. I actually pointed out to him afterwards that I didn’t even think of adding salt or chilli – a sign that the pasta was beautiful as it was. Lex decided to order the special – porchetta, pork belly with cracking. He also got the sautéed greens as a side. I had a bite and it was almost too good to be true. Although Lex did say he would have liked some sauce to go with the pork belly – apple sauce maybe? I should mention as well that we ordered 500ml of the house red to go with our meals. We always order the house red at Fratelli’s so thought it was worth a try. However in Lex’s words, “it’s not the best house wine we’ve had”.

Baccomatto Osteria is a trendy restuarant, there’s no denying that. I loved being there. I loved the service. The crowd. The decor. The food. I really couldn’t have asked for more. It’s finding little neighbourhood gems like this that make me realise how much is out there. We’re so lucky to live in a city like Sydney that offers us such an extensive variety of food at our fingertips.

Lis x


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