Noodle Hut, Sydney

Sunday was a bit of a disaster for Lex and I. We’d heard about these Figure 8 pools in the Royal National Park and thought we’d spend Valentine’s Day checking them out. We had been told it was about a 45 minute walk from the car to the pools so I came prepared with my Nikes and my swimwear underneath ready to jump in when we got there! It was a scorcher of a day in Sydney with temperatures reaching 37degrees – thankfully I packed a bottle of water. Our walk started off hopeful and like any other city dweller who finally finds themselves in touch with nature, we set off happily through the bush. I started reciting Robert Frost’s poem The Road Not Taken when we came to a fork in the road. Of course Lex and I started heading to the left as we had a hunch the pools would be that way. Half an hour later we made it to the bottom of the cliff with no pools in sight. I saw a lifeguard tent along the sand (I was becoming delirious at this point and was convinced it was a mirage). Luckily the lifeguard was a real person, unluckily he told us the pools were in the opposite direction. I wish I was exaggerating when I say this but two and a half hours later and at 37degrees (my hair was wet with sweat), Lex and I still had not found the Figure 8 pools – we were literally lost in the bush! Absolute disaster. By the time we realised where they were we were so exhausted that we headed back up the cliff to the car. I’m sure I muttered lines like “I think I’m dying”, and “Lex I can’t do it anymore” along the way. The icing on the cake when we finally reached the car? A parking fine. Yep, we paid to get lost in the bush!

With all that exhaustion I insisted on eating the biggest lunch I could find and so we stopped in to Westfield Miranda and went to a cool place in the dining precinct called ‘Noodle Hut’. It felt so nice to just sit there in a chair, with a glass of water and a cool breeze. It’s funny how our perceptions of ‘heaven’ can change so easily based on our circumstances…

What we ordered:

Our waitress was lovely, she sat us down served us some water and even let us tweak the menu! We decided to order the Mixed Entree – two satay chicken skewers, two vegetarian spring rolls and two fish cakes. If you’ve read previous posts you’ll know that Lex is not a seafood fan so we asked the waitress if we could take out the fish cakes and add a couple of chicken skewers – she was more than happy to do this for us. The Mixed Entree was just $10.90 and quite a big serving so I thought this was incredibly reasonable. For mains Lex and I both decided to go with the ‘Make your own’ Noodles. We both chose the chicken with Thai Chilli Basil sauce. The only difference was that lex went with the Flat Noodles and I chose the Thin Egg Noodles. Normally I order Hokkien but I think I’ll go with the Thin Egg now. The meal was delicious. It was packed with freshly steamed veggies and the sauce had the perfect amount of spice. They also do takeaway – if I was a local this would be my go-to noodle joint. At just $42 I thought there was a great deal of value for our money and I would go back to Noodle Hut again.

Lis x




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