The Mercantile, Sydney

Life has kicked in lately so I do apologise for my lack of blogs coming your way lately. To say I have been stressed would be an understatement. I’m glad I have my blog to balance out the craziness of the world sometimes. It has been a huge few weeks for me. I’ve been busy preparing for a work trip to Italy in a couple of weeks, I’ve moved closer to the city with Lex, and the school term is coming to its end which means marking! I have managed to fit in some foodie adventures though so my aim is to just keep on blogging…

Usually I’m in bed pretty early – yes I know that makes me seem old and somewhat lazy, but it’s just what I do. When Lex and I go out we normally get home at a reasonable time. However, we went out with Matt and Jade and for some reason, us girls felt like kicking on! And kick on we did at The Mercantile. In a redbrick building dating from 1914, this casual, Irish-style hotel is a 9-minute walk from Circular Quay train station, located in Sydney’s historic The Rocks. It’s a traditional Irish pub and when we walked in it had an Irish band playing and was FULL of atmosphere! The four of us snagged one of the last tables and sat in to the night watching the band and sipping on wine. Jade loves her Irish heritage and I can definitely see why. It was fun and festive and it wasn’t even St. Patricks Day!

I know you’re probably thinking this is a food blog and where’s the food? So I won’t disappoint. Jade and I ordered…a CHEESE board!! It consisted of a variety of cheeses including Castello creamy blue, double brie and waxed Cheshire, and was accompanied by Maggie Beers classic quince paste. The warm toasted turkish bread and lavosh chips were also a great addition.  It was amazing and everything a gal could want in life. Who doesn’t love cheese?

I hope you all had a lovely Easter if you celebrate, and managed to spent some quality time with your loved ones.

Lis x

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