Pasta and wine – the perfect pair

You might have read that Lex and I recently celebrated our 4th anniversary together in the Hunter Valley. The HV is not only amazing because of the beautiful scenery, but also become it is home to some of Australia’s best winemakers and connoisseurs. As we get older, Lex and I have been learning more about food and wine, so I thought I could share some of my newly gained knowledge about pasta and wine pairing! The complexity and diversity of pasta sauces these days makes knowing what wine to drink with your spaghetti more problematic than it used to be (or needs to be).

So next time you’re ever left caught thinking “What goes with my pasta?”, refer back to this post! I hope it comes in handy.

  • Tomato based sauces – There are a few varieties you can try with a tomato based sauce. A nice light red or dry white will work. For something in between a Rose will also go down nicely
  • Pesto based sauces – Better suited to a dry white, try a Sauvignon Blanc
  • Meat based sauces – I think a medium-bodied wine works better with your meatier sauces (think spag bowl). My favourite is a Shiraz
  • Seafood based sauces – A nice Sav Blanc will also work well with a Seafood sauce (Marinara is a god choice!). A Semillon is also nice – we actually tried a lovely one at Scarborough Winery
  • Cheese based sauces – One word: Pinot!

I actually made pasta Bolognese last night and Lex was clearly still on a high from our HV trip as he suggested we pour some red in our sauce. We poured a quarter of a bottle – couldn’t taste it! Are we too accustomed to the taste? Whoops!

Lis x


Beautiful PepperTree Winery



Lex studying the HV winery map – picking the good ones!

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