Where to next? My top 5 goals for June

  1. Yoga – Recently I’ve been looking into Yoga studios around my area so that I can practice Yoga more intensively. Over the past few years I’ve dabbled in Yoga sessions but have always found the prices too high to sustain a proper engagement. I want to be more committed because not only does Yoga improve how feel about yourself and your body, but it also clears the mind, and that’s something I’ve been needing to do for a while now.
  2. Pilates – This is an extension to point #1, I’ve been wanting to try Pilates for the first time. The equipment looks cool and it just looks like something that would stretch your body out and make you feel good. Any thoughts on Pilates vs. Yoga?
  3. Create artwork – Lex and I recently moved in to a cute little apartment in Sydney city. We’ve almost finished decorating (it’s been so fun!), apart from a blank wall that is screaming for some art. I’ve decided to boycott buying art and make it myself. During our trip to NYC I collected business cards or postcards from all the restaurants we went to. In Sydney I do the same. So I wanted to put all the cards on a white base and frame it, maybe even put the heading “Eat Street”. I feel like it will be something super personal and evoke memories every time we look at it.
  4. Stop gossiping – Sometimes you fall into patterns of looking for the worst in people, and unfortunately conversations that centre around others. There has been a considerable amount of office gossip in my workplace at the moment and it has been heavy and draining. I feel like sometimes we focus so much on other people and their lives that we forget to soak up the good in ours. I’m making it my goal to always find the good in everyone. I truly believe that bad thoughts will eliminate bad feelings, and I want to be the kind of person that people gravitate towards. Kindness will help me achieve that.
  5. Read more – I have a list of books I want to read (the biography of Alexander the Great is at the top of that list!), and I want to take time out of the business of life to sit quietly and read. It soothes the soul and makes worries go away – at least temporarily.



5 thoughts on “Where to next? My top 5 goals for June

  1. Paul says:

    To achieve your goals, you first have to put them in writing. So you are half way there – good luck in achieving them! 🙂


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