Dcup Cafe & Thai, Sydney

I’m sitting here typing this as I look out over the Piazza in Rome, sipping some Vino and eating some pasta. Just kidding, I scheduled this bad boy before I left. But rest assured, I am in Italy as you read this and there will be blog posts from this great city coming soon!

Lex and I decided to be really lazy on Friday after work. I had an excuse for being lazy, I’d just finished Parent/Teacher Interviews and was two days away from taking the students to Italy! Every afternoon I drive past Dcup Cafe in Zetland. It is often busy with people and originally I thought it was a coffee shop. When I read the sign out front today I was intrigued by the name and was further intrigued by the fact it was a Cafe and Thai joint – this was a combination I had yet to come across! So when Lex felt like Thai food I suggested Dcup.

We used Menulog and I must say apart from the cool 5% off our first order, I would never use the service again. It took us about 15 minutes to place the order. I’m not sure if we were ordering at peak time or what it was, but I can’t be bothered going through the hassle again, especially on an empty stomach!

The service from Dcup was faultless though! And I must say I’m glad we have found a local Thai joint nearby. This is one place that Lex and I are a little divided on though. I thought the food was absolutely delicious. We ordered a Massamann Beef and a Chicken Green Curry. The Green Curry was packed with flavour and it reminded me in terms of the look and texture of a curry that Jamie Oliver has made. Lex on the other hand thought it was a bit watery and wasn’t overly impressed. I feel weird even writing this because normally we agree when it comes to food, but this blog needs to be authentic and it’s important to have the pros and cons I guess. In saying that though, Lex has said he would order from there again.

If you’ve read the ‘About’ section you’ll know that Lex and I have made a rule to not eat at the same restaurant more than once. Does getting takeaway from a restaurant count though…? Our rule has been followed, except for one tiny slip up – we went to Fratelli’s the other night. Whoops!

Lis x

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