Piato, Sydney

Lex and I have been talking about living together for quite some time. We’ve had plenty of conversations about where in Sydney we’d like to live. He works in North Sydney a lot of the time and whilst I don’t work nearby, I have a bit of a thing for North Sydney. It’s a little more reserved and tasteful than some other parts of the city, and considering it’s so close to the CBD I find it tranquil in many respects.  When Lex and I spend a Saturday or Sunday wandering around the city we often head home over the bridge and stop off ay Piato for a quick coffee and bite to eat. Just before Christmas we did just that. It was a gorgeous Sydney summer day and we craved a moment to soak in the sunshine and Alfresco dining that Piato offers. Whilst writing this post I had a quick look at their website and realised there is a whole inside section to this restaurant and it’s open for dinner! I’ve only ever known the Alfresco section because it really is a treat to sit at the front, people watching and sipping tea (or vino if you prefer!). Piato is located on Blues Point Road in McMahons Point. If you have the time it would be well worth walking down the road to Blues Point Park. There are absolutely spectacular views of Sydney and the Harbour Bridge here. I remember one time Lex and I had some time to kill before a Football game and we fell asleep on the hill in the park. We woke up to find ourselves a bit heat stroked and laying right across from a wedding that had been set up!

Piato is run and owned by the parents of Packed to the Rafters actor George Houvardas. He has served us a few times, and he, like everyone else at Piato are big on customer service and providing a casual, yet attentive attitude to patrons. The good thing about this place is that on weekends breakfast is served until 2pm so if you’re like me and love a good brekkie at any time of the day this could be it for you!

What we ordered

The “Steve” – Haloumi, basil, tomato, mushrooms, chorizo, avocado, sour dough, lemon and a light drizzle of olive oil. I was expecting all of the ingredients to be on top of the sour dough, however it was more of just a delicate arrangement of elements on the plate. An unexpected but interesting take. Admittedly, it wasn’t a meal that makes you go “I feel so healthy after eating that”, but it was a meal that was filling and had just the right amount of naughty to make me want to order it again. The different elements on the plate were thoughtfully cooked and tasted incredibly fresh. I was extra naughty and ordered a hash brown (which came as two hash browns!), but I justified it by giving a few pieces of my haloumi to Lex! All went perfectly with my sweet little cup of English breakfast tea.

I need to go back for dinner now that I know that it’s open!

Lis x



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