Why I’m currently obsessed with podcasts

In preparation of a long flight (cons of living in the land down under), I downloaded a whole bunch of podcasts. I wasn’t sure I was even going to listen to them, but thought they might be good to have just in case the entertainment selection on board wasn’t good. As it turned out there wasn’t a single movie I wanted to watch so I popped my noise-cancelling headphones on and listened to podcasts for a good three or four hours. Lex kept looking at me weirdly but I was just staring in to space listening.

Aside from travel, I’ve also started to listen to podcasts on my afternoon walks, at the gym, even when I’m at home cooking!

What I downloaded:

  • No Filter by Mia Freedman – this was a pleasant surprise. If you’re not in Australia you might not know Mia Freedman. She is a quite controversial because of what she says and her strong opinions. People either love or hate her. I personally don’t love her after she made some ridiculous comments about the Tour de France a few years ago. But I decided to let that go and download her podcast. Why? She interviews some fascinating people and has an interview style that really allows her guests to feel comfortable. I was surprised by how much she managed to pluck out of Roxy Jacenko and how sensitive she was to the plight of Sally Obermeder. She also interviewed an Australian woman who is on the shortlist for a one way trip to Mars. Overall, Mia’s podcast is informative and satisfying.
  • From the Heart: Conversations with Yoga Girl – I’ve really been in to my yoga recently and I downloaded this podcast not knowing anything about who Yoga Girl (aka Rachel) was. I’ve since discovered she’s a free spirit born in Sweden and living in Aruba. She runs a yoga studio and embraces the small things in life. She’s completely inspirational and loveable. I loved listening to “Learning from Pain, working through baggage and learning the art of letting go”. In this episode Rachel details her baggage and shares her advice for moving forward. I highly recommend her podcast.
  • Conversations by ABC – I’ve actually listened to this podcast for a while, they are so informative and challenge your thinking and perspectives without forcing an opinion on you. They have some incredible stories and guests. My favourites? “How a young physicist witnessed some of the most dramatic scenes of WWII” and “Great Barrier Reef tales: seafarers, scientists and castaways”.

So there’s my top three right now! I’ll do another post shortly with a few more podcasts that I’ve downloaded but haven’t yet listened to. Do you listen to podcasts? Do you have any suggestions?

Lis x


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