Embracing the small things

Lex and I have just arrived home after a two week trip to New York. We’ve only just visited the Big Apple a little over a year ago, so this trip we got the chance to step away from the touristy things that the city has to offer and instead focus on the small things. We stayed in a really cool one bedroom apartment in the heart of the West Village (our favourite neighbourhood), and pretty much spent most of our time wandering around the neighbourhood. It was one of those trips where we could really feel the love, going on long walks, chatting and laughing around the city of dreams. Because we were staying so close to the Hudson, every afternoon we would walk down Charles Street, past Bleecker, and right along the Hudson River walkway. Of an afternoon there is a heap of people exercising (whoops, shouldn’t have eaten that cupcake from Magnolia), others reading a book after a day of work, and some just stopping to embrace the peacefulness and light of the day. Lex and I had a pretty well-established routine by the end of our trip. Turn left when we reached the walkway, stop at the dog park and watch the dogs play for about half an hour (my favourite was a gorgeous Golden Retriever named Georgia), and then sit at the (people) park for a little while. It was at this final stop where we did some great people watching – from the group of yogis practicing under the sun, to this weird martial arts kind of group that were there everyday, to the kids running around chasing each other. On one particular day I met another Golden named Ted, he was such a cutie. I sat there trying to grab his attention for a while, even trying to whistle (miserably) and pretend I had treats. Of course he wanted nothing to do with me until Lex sat next to me and he wandered straight over!

I always feel that when you’re on holidays you have the chance to reflect and think about the future. New York for us was such a great trip – every day we just had so much fun together and just felt like we were on such a high. And all I could think when I sat there with Lex by the Hudson, is damn the future looks good.

Lis x


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