Luggage essentials – a list of non negotiable items for your suitcase

  1. A power board – before my first European adventure my brother’s wife suggested I pack a power board and now it is an item I always travel with. Why? Hotel rooms are notorious for not having a stack of power plugs and this way all you need is one! It’s great for travel with a partner as well. I know with Lex and I most nights in our hotel we will charge: 2 x iphones, our camera, our go pro battery, my Fitbit…with a power board you can make sure everything gets charged.
  2. A scarf – this lightweight item is a perfect travel companion. I place mine in my carry-on luggage so that I can scrunch it up and use as a pillow or throw over my shoulders if I get cold. They also come in handy once you’re at your destination for the chill factor, to cover up for visiting religious sites -definitely in Rome and Thailand I’ve been required to cover my shoulders, as well as just mixing up a neutral outfit (I tend to pack a lot of basic items so a scarf can make me feel a bit colourful and like I’m not wearing the same outfit for the 10th time!
  3. A go pro – I know that they’re expensive, but in my opinion they are worth the investment. Lex and I have been carrying our go pro with us every trip we go on to document our travels. They are a moving memory and I feel that you get more out of a video than you do a photograph. After all, you can stand and take a photo out front of every cool building you see, but recording your facial expression when you first see Big Ben, or that joke that you and your partner shared walking along the Hudson River, or that little fall that Lex had walking through the cobbled streets of Barcelona…those memories are priceless.
  4. Noise-cancelling headphones – these changed my travel life. Now I can sit on the plane without any noise and if you’re a bit of a nervous flyer like me they take away the general rumblings and sounds of a plane.
  5. Flip flops – When I travelled to Italy last year I made the mistake of not packing some flip flops (or thongs as we call them in Australia). They have multiple uses starting from walks up and down the aisle of the plane to get your blood flowing, as well as walking around your hotel room and lobby. I never think to pack flip flops and always find myself having to put on my runners every time I need to duck down the hallway to the vending machine or to go somewhere quickly! They’re also great for travelling if your feet swell up with plane travel. When you get to your destination you don’t have to worry about swollen feet and squishy them in to your shoes.

What are your travel must haves?

Lis x

One thought on “Luggage essentials – a list of non negotiable items for your suitcase

  1. Paul says:

    Some good tips here Liz – thanks. I like to always pack an extra Money Travel card just in case you lose your card whilst traveling. It happened to me once in Paris. having the spare card meant that I was not short of money and I could continue my trip without trying to get am emergency card or funds.


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