Crushin’ on Paddo to Palmy

I’ve followed Paddo to Palmy on Instagram for quite some time now but never really interacted much with their page. Cue the holidays and endless surfing to kill some time and I found myself on Paddo to Palmy, completely immersed and completely obsessed. The site started as a blog about renovations as the founder moved from Paddington to Palm Beach, and evolved in to a lifestyle and clothing site. I am obsessed with some of their current pieces. You should definitely have a browse (and no, I don’t get paid for any of this, I just wanted to share some style!). Their pieces are pricey but quality and made to last which is so important for me. I’m continuing to move away from fast, fad fashion and instead investing in quality pieces that are eternally stylish.

My favourite pieces are below.

Lis x




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