House hunting in Sydney – mission impossible

Our lease expires in May and I thought that it might be a good opportunity to finally take the plunge and buy a place. I don’t know about where you are, but the housing market in Sydney is absolutely ridiculous and it’s getting worse, if that is even possible. Unfortunately most first-home buyers are priced out of the super competitive market. I am looking at one bedroom places (that’s pretty much all I can afford in Sydney!), and even those are going crazy at auction. Every open home I go to has so many people there and I find myself eyeing them off, are they going to steal my dream property I think to myself as I look them up and down. Truth be told, I’m dealing with that problem that only Kirstie and Phil from Location, Location, Location can help me with – location or space? I’m torn between moving to my dream area, Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, and having a nice apartment with a balcony or courtyard for my future, imaginary chocolate labrador pup who I’ll either name Maxxie or Eleanor (also keen for Esther).

So I’ll keep looking for our dream home, and until then I sign this post off as a frustrated, first-home buyer who won’t give up on the property dream!

Lis x

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