What my favourite TV show taught me about life…

Growing up I remember having a strict bed time on school nights. Mum used to usher me off to bed and close my bedroom door. She would say to me that she was doing her ironing and that I needed a good nights sleep to focus on school the following day. But Mum was hiding something from me, and it wouldn’t be until I was much older that I realised exactly what it was…

Enter the end of my high school days and the start of University, a young woman now, and feeling ready to take on the world. Now I would be finally be let in to Mums secret – Sex and the City!!

For me, Sex and the City was eye-opening in so many ways. Most importantly it taught me the value of friendships and that it was okay to not have a clear path in mind for the rest of my life – this was particularly useful as I was a Uni student who swapped degrees and really struggled to narrow down my focus. I became completely hooked on the lives of these four New York women and have watched every episode multiple times, including the commentary versions! In fact, when I first went to NYC with my Mum and Dad we went on the Sex and the City tour (don’t worry we didn’t force my Dad to come along, he decided to walk around town instead!). Mum and I snagged the front seat of the bus and got to spot all the sites used to film the series – such a cool experience! I even dressed up a little Charlotte-like for the day – think a big white and blue spotted dress, a headband, and heels.

So why am I even talking about Sex and the City? Well two reasons really. The first is that as I’ve gotten older I’ve realised that this TV show has taught me a lot about people and the kinds of qualities and characteristics I look to have and look to be around. And secondly, school holidays always brings out the lazy side of me and I decided I needed a Sex and the City fix. Unfortunately I left my box set at Mum and Dad’s place, so I settled with the next best thing, Sex and the City: The Movie and Sex and the City: 2. As soon as those opening credits started playing I was immediately taken back to Carrie’s world and wanted all things Bradshaw. Although I loved the fashion, the glamour, and the wit of the series, what I most loved was the fact that each of the four women were relatable. I used to always do those online quizzes “Which Sex and the City character are you?”, but I actually think that the women are each designed to represent a little part of the everyday woman.

I think we all have a little Carrie in us – that tendency to fall head over heels with something, be it a person, a project, or even a pair of shoes. Carrie for me often came across as a little irrational but that was only because she truly felt her emotions. She was loyal to her friends and she knew exactly what she wanted to achieve and how. I also think all have a little Miranda in us – practical, level-headed and firm in knowing what we like. Miranda was probably my favourite out of the four girls (closely followed by Charlotte), and I admired her problem solving and the way she perceived both problems and opportunities. As for Ms. York, I definitely think we all have some Charlotte in us. Charlotte represents the part of us which likes to dream – dream of that perfect relationship, that perfect place, that perfect job. Although she’s a dreamer, she works hard to realise those dreams and she remains a beacon of positivity throughout the series. What I love most about Charlotte though, is her ability to appreciate and be grateful for what she has in life. That is a quality that I’m working on every day. And finally, I think (at least secretly), we all have a bit of Samantha in us too. Samantha is the independent side of us, that part within us that wants to do it our own way. She sets her own rules and is never phased by people’s opinions of her. I would personally love to be a little more like that, going about my business without that fear hanging over my head of what people will think and how they will react.

I’m so tempted so buy the box set again, after all I can’t take it away from my Mum, she did share it with me in the first place!

Lis x

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