Working towards a healthier lifestyle

Over at Greenwich Lane HQ we’ve been working towards living a healthier lifestyle. Initially this started as limiting takeaway, not putting in that loaf of garlic bread with our pasta for dinner, and other little things along those lines. In January of this year I was feeling inspired by the start of a new year and what I ultimately saw as a fresh start and a chance to look after my body. I’m not overweight – in fact I’m one of those annoying people who eat a lot and rarely exercise but still manage to stay at the same weight. My new approach to my body was instead based on trying to make my body feel good again. I had been feeling sluggish, uninspired and tired all the time. I have suffered from low iron for as long as I can remember. I knew that if I wanted to be a happier and healthier version of myself then I need to do something about it. Queue the introduction of SuperGreen SuperFood Powder by Sally Obermeder and her sister Maha Koraiem. I’d been following them both on Instagram for a quite a while and was always inspired by their energy and smiles. They released their SuperGreen Powder and I decided that I was going to take my first step towards being healthier. I purchased two tubs and off I set, inspired and ready for the year ahead. The Powder is a blend of over 40 ingredients including apple, cucumber and  blueberry and is designed to detoxify and alkalise your body.

I must say, this SuperGreen SuperFood Powder has been life-changing. That is no overstatement. I honestly cannot believe how much of an impact it has had on my wellbeing and lifestyle. It’s hard for me to even explain how it has helped me. All I know is that my body has never felt this good. I feel light and healthy. My energy levels are up, my sugar intake is down, and my body just feels cleansed and revitalised. Every day I mix one teaspoon of the powder in to a cold glass of water. It is so refreshing and the flavour is great – lime! If I am feeling particularly tired after a day of work I will have a second glass in the afternoon on my balcony. It also takes away those afternoon sugar cravings which is a bonus. It’s weird that as soon as I get a bit lazy and stop taking it for a few days my body knows the difference, I just don’t feel as good anymore.


The ladies have just released their SuperGreen Smoothies as well! These are pre-cut fruit + vegies that you just pop in your blender and add water to! I’ve been having one for lunch or when I come home from work.

Not only are these products delicious but they really have impacted the way my body feels, and in an extension of this, I have a greater awareness about what I am putting in to my body and what is going to nourish me. The Powder gives me a boost when life gets busy and is fast-paced. Also, Sally and Maha are two of the sweetest entrepreneurs around. They never hesitate to answer any questions on Instagram and look genuinely happy to see their product actually helping people. It’s great to know that the people behind the product are empowering, real, likeable and most importantly, nice.

Have a look at their website and see what I am going on about!:

Lis x

(P.S. this is not a paid or sponsored post, it’s just a product that I really hope people can enjoy the same way that I have).

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