7 promises I am making to our home

You may or may not know that Lex and I have recently moved in to our first home together. It’s been amazing, but has also made me realise a few things about myself and the type of person I am to live with. I’ve decided to make some promises to our new home (and also to Lex). Think of them as my mid-year resolutions.

  1. Make the bed – Without fail Lex makes the bed every single day. Even when he’s running late he will still make it. I used to be of the opinion that an unmade bed is no biggie, however I’ve come to realise that it a) makes the room look a lot neater and b) makes hopping into bed after a long day at work a little more satisfying. I also read that making your bed every morning leads to a happier you. It’s worth a try! Yesterday I made the bed, so I’m off to a good start!
  2. Dry the dishes straight away – Sometimes I’m guilty of leaving pots and pans in the drying rack and it makes the kitchen look messy. I promise to get my act together and start drying!
  3. Clean as I cook – Lex thinks I make a mess when I cook. I think I get this trait off my Mum! Lately I’ve been washing up as I go and it makes the task seem so much less daunting. The last thing you feel like doing after a nice meal and a glass of wine is getting up and cleaning everything.
  4. Bring the washing in as soon as it’s dry – We live in an apartment and next door they are building a new complex. This means there is often a lot of dust flying onto our balcony. Of course this means my freshly washed clothes get dusty. I also hate how the washing takes up the whole balcony, so my promise is to get it in when it’s dry! No-one likes a city view with a side of washing.
  5. Light a candle every night – There’s something about candles that instantly makes me feel content and calm. I’m going to start lighting a candle every night to find that little bit of serenity in a bustling city. Lex’s brother works at Muji and has a demister on most nights, it makes the house smell great and it’s calming too.
  6. Hang my clothes up instead of leaving them in a pile – The thing is, when I’m ready for bed, I’m ready for bed. Every night I just throw my clothes on the floor instead of putting them in the wash or back in the wardrobe. Not only is this bad for the clothes, but also makes the room look untidy. My promise? Hang them up straight away to avoid them staying there for 3 days!
  7. Don’t be a hoarder – Clutter stresses me out, so my aim is to cull as I go. Sometimes I do like to keep things, however I need to really assess, is this actually sentimental?

Lis x

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8 thoughts on “7 promises I am making to our home

  1. Paul says:

    Oh God – I wish that you knew this stuff when you still lived at home with your mum and dad!!! They say – better late than never.
    If you promise to follow these 7 promises in the future, then I will let you come back home to live with us again ha ha – Love Dad


    • greenwichlane says:

      I love the smell and calmness of a candle! I am in the habit of piling all my clothes up on top of the basket on my floor! I get so annoyed when I do it, but its because I’m always in a rush!


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