Pizzeria Aurora, Sorrento Italy

Sorrento is the perfect place to visit in Italy – it’s nice and close to major historical sites (such as Pompeii and Herculaneum), is just a ferry ride away to the BEAUTIFUL Capri and the Blue Grotto, and it is also home to some incredible restaurants.

We were so lucky with our hotel as it was opposite a beautiful orchard that grows lemon and produces its own Limoncello. We walked through the orchard nightly on our strolls to the main street in Sorrento, the Corso.

Sorrento is a coastal town in southwestern Italy, facing the Bay of Naples on the Sorrentine Peninsula. Perched atop cliffs that separate the town from its busy marinas, it’s known for sweeping views and Piazza Tasso, a cafe-lined square. The historic center is a warren of narrow alleys that includes the Chiesa di San Francesco, a 14th-century church with a tranquil cloister.

Our favourite restaurant in Sorrento was by far, Pizzeria Aurora. It is situated in Piazza Tasso, the main square of Sorrento and offers a wide selection of Pizza, (fifty different types!!!!), backed in a traditional wood oven. It is managed by the Terminiello Family who have a steep history with Italian restaurants going as far back as Canonic in 1898.

Legend says that the world most famous pizza, the pizza margherita, was born in 1889, when the chef Raffaele Esposito, to honor the Queen Margherita of Savoy, prepared three kinds of pizzas: pizza Mastuncola with lard, cheese and basil, pizza Marinara with tomato, garlic and oregano, and finally a pizza with tomato and mozzarella, with tomato, olive oil, mozzarella cheese and oregano, whose colors intentionally recalled the Italian tricolour.

I had been craving some vegetables as it wasn’t something I saw regularly on the Italian menus. I decided to go with the closest thing I could find to a plate of veggies – a beautiful Italian Minestrone soup. It was absolutely delicious and one of my foodie highlights of the trip. I also had a Caprese salad – such a simple dish but seriously (I know I’ve said this a thousand times) the tomatoes in Italy are too good.

Lis x

P.S. I broke my ‘only go to a restaurant once’ rule – when in Rome! Well, when in Sorrento!








6 thoughts on “Pizzeria Aurora, Sorrento Italy

    • greenwichlane says:

      Hi Ken! Definitely reasonably priced. You can get a really nice bowl of pasta for 6euro. We even had a few lunch specials – a pizza or pasta and a drink for 5 euros. If you eat in some of the main squares in Venice and Rome it can be a little pricey, but those restaurants are touristy anyway, always best to head a few streets back to find the more authentic meals. I even find accommodation to be reasonable – we didn’t stay in any 5 star places but I find the hotel rooms in Europe are pretty small anyway that even 5 star places aren’t the same as we get at home. It really is a place full of history and culture, and everyone is so friendly! Lis 🙂

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