Vacanze Romane, Italy

If you’ve been reading the blog you’ll know that I recently took on the (mammoth) task of taking 22 students to Italy during the school holidays. It was a long flight – 14 hours from Sydney to Dubai and then another 6 hours from Dubai to Sydney – and we were running on adrenaline during our first day in Rome. We visited some Churches around the city, as well as the Trevi Fountain, and then stopped at the Piazza Navona for some lunch.

We sat down to eat at Vacant Romane. It was a bit of a gamble, we really had no idea what restaurant was good – but it turned out to be a nice eat. The wine was pretty average, but I think the food made up for that, and it was lunch time so I guess bad wine was a good thing (I still had another 10 hours of supervision!!). In terms of location you couldn’t really want more. The Piazza Navona is arguably one of the nicest squares in Rome, built on the former Stadium of Domitian by Emperor Domitian in 86 AD. The Stadium was mainly used for festivals in ancient times. It is also a quieter alternative to some of the restaurants closer to the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps.

I had been hanging out for a pesto pasta even before I reached Romen, so I thought I’d order that for my first meal in the land of food. In Italian pesto pasta is known as Linguine al pesto genovese. You know how when you go out with a group of people and you can’t stop staring at their food wishing you had ordered that? Well, luckily for me, I was that person being started at! The pesto pasta was absolutely delicious and I refused to order another pesto for the rest of the trip as I didn’t want to be disappointed. Lucky for you I’ve included a photo of my pasta below so you can drool 🙂 The other teachers and my Mum ordered pizzas, and we also got a Caprese Salad to share – there’s something about the tomatoes in Italy, so tasty (and red!).

Lis x

rome1 copyrome2rome3


5 thoughts on “Vacanze Romane, Italy

  1. Paul says:

    Yes you made me jealous as well. Mind you, the pizza looked nice as well. I just love Italian food. cant wait to go back to Italy one day.


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