My 5 must have items in the Kitchen

Last post I vented a little about how stressed I’d been with work and life lately. This post I’m venting too because things got worse! Last night on the way home from work I was involved in a car accident. I’m fine except for some bumps, bruises and a really sore neck. However my poor car hasn’t had the same luck.

 So, no car meant no work for me today, which would ordinarily be seen as a positive because it would mean I could do some much needed work to catch up! Of course as I wasn’t expecting to be home today I left my work laptop at work!

Which means that I’m sitting in my apartment with not much to do. I’ve had a bath and was quite relaxed and then insurance called me and ruined my bath….I’ve eaten some Barbeque Shapes and had a few cups of tea….I’ve watched the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and the OC….And now I’m writing up my grocery list, which has inspired me to write a blog post.

Lex and I like similar foods and have similar tastebuds, which means our fridge and pantry is usually stocked with the same ingredients. It got me thinking, what are your 5 must have items in your kitchen?

 In no particular order mine are:

 Fresh chilli – we keep a whole container in the freezer to use whenever we need – which is most meals!

 Milk – I love my cups of tea so milk is a must for me. This grocery shop I’m thinking of making the change to Almond Milk

Fresh fruit – I snack all the time (hence why I’ve already eaten Barbeque Shapes and it’s not even lunch time). I find having fresh fruit to take to work and have at home is a much healthier alternative

Tea – my British side must be quite strong because I’m obsessed with tea. Normally I have Black Tea but have recently stocked my pantry with all sorts of tea from T2. My current favourite is called Gorgeous Geisha. A beautiful Green Tea with Strawberry and Cream

 Red wine – we actually just bought some nice Industrial style shelves from Muji and our collection of Red wine sits proudly on display. A glass of Red is always nice with dinner and was much needed after last night’s drama!

Share what your 5 must have items are in the comments below!

Lis x

12 thoughts on “My 5 must have items in the Kitchen

  1. nickisalwaysonholidays says:

    1. Red wine (of course)
    2. Good chicken stock (this can be frozen into portions)
    3. An good oven (not the gimme you would think having lived in Shanghai!)
    4. Potted fresh herbs, for easy access
    5. Can I say red wine twice??


  2. Fiona says:

    White wine, garlic, onions, cheese, tomatoes and eggs. And a seventh: access to my herb and vegetable garden…. Thanks for stopping by at Fiona’s Favourites and joining the band!


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