The Bucket List, Bondi Sydney

After spending New Years Eve in New York City, Lex and I were desperate to catch a bit of the Aussie summer and head down to Bondi Beach on the weekend. It was a perfect Sydney day with temperatures reaching about 28degrees, and Lex and I found a nice spot to relax and swim in North Bondi. I have an obsession/phobia with bluebottles and asked the lifeguard if he had seen any – instead of just easing my nerves and telling me there were none in sight, he actually told me the bluebottles had grown to 20cm and if they stung they would go all up my arm. That was enough for me to not go in the water, but Lex the brave man he is still made sure to go in. While he swam I read the paper on the sand – such a relaxing way to spend my Sunday after a really busy week at work.

Lex and I had been to The Bucket List on the famous Bondi Beach before. It’s a cool, vibrant place with outdoor seating right on the beach! You can get tacos, burgers, seafood and some great cocktails. We were lucky enough to get a spot outside on the benches under a shady umbrella. I say lucky because it was a really busy day in Bondi and so many times you walk past The Bucket List and find it bursting with people. Although there weren’t any today, there are often live bands performing some laid back tunes while you sip cocktails, eat some food and people watch. It really is an amazing place and like Lex and I said today, it’s all about location, location, location.

What we ordered:

The food at The Bucket List is pretty good – it’s by no means a hatted restaurant, but it’s enough to justify the slightly high prices. Lex ordered the Poblano Pork Burger – Slow roast bbq pork, avocado, mayo, cheese, pickled chilli, and coriander, all served on a generous bed of chips. He was actually surprised with how nice the burger was. See the photo below for a sneaky pic I took before it was demolished! I decided to go for a side of the Marinated Australian Olives and the Split Grilled QLD Tiger Prawns. The olives were served in a miniature bucket and had lemon, garlic and herbs mixed through with olive oil. They were delicious. There were actual cloves of garlic and Lex took a bite – although it was raw and too potent to eat, shame 😦 The Tiger Prawns were cooked with chilli, paprika, garlic and herbs, they were really moorish and quite tasty. There were four on the plate, so if you’re hungry maybe order a more substantial side. See the photo below for a peek at them!

Of course my new drink of choice (vodka + cranberry) makes a feature in the photos below too! It was $9.50 so it better have been good! The Bucket List does have some quirky and fun cocktails, some of which include ‘Jam out with Jimmy Hendrix’ and ‘Chase the endless summer’.

Lis x






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