Assamm, Sydney

Buried on the lower ground floor of the QVB lies one of our favourite Thai spots in Sydney. Tucked away and unassuming, Lex came across Assamm during the working week and had lunch there. Truth be told we’d walked past a bunch of times during our shopping ventures, but we never thought a restaurant in a shopping centre (even if it is the QVB) could be that good. When Lex tried it for the first time he rushed me back on the weekend to try.

The atmosphere in Assamm in the number of times we’ve been since is always lively and buzzing. There are often big tables filled with friends, and there are always lots of locals stopping by for a quick feed. The industrial decor is really fun and quirky (little bit hipster too) and fits in with the large concrete slabs and pipes that actually come necessarily with Assamm actually being underneath such a big building!

What we ordered:

The Thai eating house has an extensive menu, which I always find makes it too hard to choose! On our last visit Lex and I decided to order the Grilled king prawns with fresh chilli and garlic relish and the Thai beef salad. We have also ordered the Satay chicken skewers which are great too! The prawns are amazing, packed with flavour and the kick of chilli is enough to make your eyes water. As for the Thai beef salad, Lex and I both agree we have never had one as good as at Assamm. It has a beautiful smoked chilli jam mixed through which provides a great contrast to the crisp and fresh cucumbers and onions – amazing, honestly! We also ordered the Mussamun – a beef curry of slowly braised beef shin and potato. Lex and I went through a phase of being a bit over Mussamun as we’d ordered it too many times! However, this brought us right back…The beef was so tender and just fell apart on the fork. The potatoes were nice bite-sized pieces and the sauce was full of flavour. I’ve ordered the Laksa from Assamm before and whilst that’s great too, the curries are just so flavoursome that I’d always recommend ordering one if you make a visit there!

Until next time Assamm…

Lis x



11 thoughts on “Assamm, Sydney

  1. SheryL♥ says:

    Hi! Thanks for the follow! Great blog! Love people who love food as much as I do! 🙂
    Greenwich is the name of my favorite pizza fast food restaurant. 😀


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