The Royal, Sydney

Lex sometimes gets replaced for Jadey. She’s the bestie, and you’ll probably come to know her quite well as we’ve made it our mission to eat and drink vino at every restaurant in Sydney! We’ve actually decided to train hard at the gym so we can treat ourselves to a lunch date at Mary’s. Besides being an amazing friend, she also appreciates food and the memories that food and good company can create. She’s also getting married this year (yay!!!!), and Lex and I love going out with her and her fiancé Matt, so we decided to do just that on Australia Day.

Lex and I got to The Royal in Paddington (a cool and casual pub) pretty early after he decided to go shopping for a suit. I told him the shop would be closed as it was a public holiday, but no, Lex still wanted to go. I just gave him an “I told you so” look when we got there. Anyway, it was actually a really nice day in Sydney and we sat upstairs on the balcony of The Royal looking down on Five Ways and sipping on a Vodka + Cranberry – my current drink of choice. It actually felt good to get out of the house as over the four-day weekend we did some serious binge watching of Entourage.

When Jade and Matt arrived we migrated to an inside table with an open window and a nice breeze blowing through. This is a table-service area, although you can order at the bar downstairs if you prefer something more casual. The Royal has a nice atmosphere – youthful, casual, sophisticated. It almost seems like more than just the local Paddo pub. It also has a rooftop bar and seating area with spectacular views across Sydney. They often have live music on a Saturday if you’re in to that.

What we ordered:

I should mention that Jade and I have previously been to The Royal and it was a day when our lives changed forever – we met the Waffle Fries. They are exactly how they sound – a thick waffle shaped chip. No description can really do them justice. You feel fat as soon as you take your first bite, but it doesn’t even matter. Worth.every.calorie. We decided to enlighten Lex and Matt and order a bowl per couple. The waitress advised us just to order one bowl, we politely declined…

You’ll be pleased to know we didn’t just have the amazing Waffle Fries. We backed it up with some protein. Lex went for a steak, I went for the salt and pepper squid, Matt went for fish of the day and Jadey chose the salmon. The salt and pepper squid was served with pickled fennel and lime aioli. I order salt and pepper squid quite often and I must admit this wasn’t the best I’ve had. There wasn’t enough consistency on the plate for my liking, from portion size, cooking and the amount of spice sprinkled over the top. In saying that, the Waffle Fries have big shoes to fill! I also want to share the ‘Vitality’ salad that I ordered on my previous visit- it is a refreshing and super healthy salad that comes with organic quinoa, marinated feta, young spinach, roasted sweet potato, heirloom tomatoes, roasted seeds and a tangy green salsa. I would have ordered this again but thought the combination of a huge bowl of Waffle Fries and a salad was too ironic…All in all, the four of us were impressed with our meals and all agree it’d be a place we would visit again!

Have a look at the photos below – I understand why Sydney is Lex’s favourite place in the world.

Lis x


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