Kouzina Greco, Sydney

Lex and I have been to Kouzina Greco a few times (of course that now stops since I introduced my rule of not going to the same place more than once!). It’s in a great spot when we go to watch the football, so we normally find ourselves there either before or after a game.

The staff at Kouzina are always welcoming and are very knowledgable about their food. It’s a family run business and the vibe really comes across as such. We normally start with our choice of three dips served with Greek pita bread. We’ve actually tried all five dips on offer and they’re all full of flavour. Our top three would be the Taramosalata, which is pink caviar, Tzatziki (yoghurt, cucumber and garlic), and the Tyrocafteri which is a mix of feta, fresh chilli and dill. We’re not huge fans of eggplant but we have tasted the Melinzanosalata (roasted eggplant, tahini and garlic), and the Skordalia – a mix of potato and garlic, lemon, olive oil – is nice but needs a stronger flavour for us to choose it again.

For mains we go for the traditional BBQ Souvlaki. This comes with either lamb, chicken or a mix of both (Lex goes for lamb and I go for chicken), with Greek pita bread, tzatziki and continental parsley, and a fresh tomato and onion salad. It’s a filling meal and I always feel bloated afterwards, but it is really delicious so I figure it’s kind of worth it.

I’d love to go back and order the Mezzedes which is $49.90 per person for a minimum two people. We’ve ordered something similar before when we went out with my parents but the menu has changed since. You definitely get enough food to go around. The Meddezes comes with:

  • A selection of dips, Greek pita bread and Greek salad followed by-
    Yiayia’s Greek Meatballs with fresh tomato salsa and grated kasseri cheese
    Dolmades vine-leaves filled with mince, rice and fresh herbs
    Spanakopites spinach, ricotta and feta pastries
    Fried Kalamari with skordalia
    Grilled Cyprus Haloumi Cheese with olive oil and lemon
  • BBQ Chicken Souvlaki w/ Greek pita bread, diced salad and tzatziki
    Kleftiko 3 hour slow- roasted lamb shoulder with  lemon potatoes

My favourite thing about Kouzina Greco is their philosophy behind food which is one that resonates with me:

“In Greece, food is so much more than a way of staving off hunger; it’s everything; culture, comfort, family, life.”

Lis x



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