Famous Famiglia Pizza, NY

We checked into our TriBeCa hotel after a long day of wandering around NY. We were pretty tired and having gone to Buddakan the night before, were just looking for a cheap eat for dinner. Lex loves his pizza and was craving some so after walking around TriBeCa for a little while, decided to go with Famous Famiglia Pizza. This is a pizza chain that serves slices, whole pizzas and other Italian food at a counter-setting. Lex went with two Pepperoni slices and I went for a Cheese slice and a Broccoli slice. Now, to be quite honest I’m not sure what possessed me when I decided to order the Broccoli slice. I would never have normally ordered a Broccoli pizza…and I never ate the slice. The Cheese slice was delicious though as was Lex’s Pepperoni slice. These are the typical massive slices that you always imagine getting when you go to America.

But the real stand out were the GARLIC KNOTS!! For just $1 you get three garlic knots. They are exactly what they sound like dough shaped in a knot and drenched in garlic. These were so nice and we were tempted to order another three. We actually said on our last day that we can’t believe we never went back for more garlic knots! They were honestly just too good.

The best part about Famous Famiglia Pizza? The price. Dinner was under $20, and tasted like it was worth more. It’s a casual place and the TriBeCa location was popular with the locals. There is also a Times Square store and a few others scattered around town.

Lis x


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