Magnolia Bakery, NY

Lex and I were wandering around the West Village one afternoon and I managed to strategically navigate him to Bleecker Street. Not only is this my favourite street in NYC (great shops, culture and vibe), but it is also home to my favourite indulgence – Magnolia Bakery. I’m not much of a dessert fan but these cupcakes are just phenomenal. I’d been to the bakery years earlier on a Sex and the City tour with my Mum, so I knew what a delicious treat we were in for. It is a pretty popular place thanks to Carrie and Miranda who famously sat on a bench eating Magnolia cupcakes and talking about their ‘crushes’ at the time.


  • West Village (our regular spot and the original)
  • Grand Central Terminal
  • Upper West Side
  • Bloomingdale’s
  • Rockefeller Centre
  • Penn Station
  • Los Angeles
  • Chicago
  • Honolulu
  • P.S – there are also plans to establish stores in Saudi Arabia and Brazil. They also ship across the U.S.

Lex wasn’t really keen to go and wasn’t too happy when we got there and saw the massive queue, but I knew as soon as he tasted that cupcake all sins would be forgiven. Although there were tourists waiting in the line, there were also locals and that’s something I always love to see. The queue passed quickly and there are lots of newspaper articles hanging around the place to keep occupied as well as a table of merchandise to be tempted by.

What we ordered:

Lex and I bought our cupcakes and headed over to the park nearby. There’s no seating in Magnolia Bakery so if you do go there the park is a great spot to enjoy your treats.

I went for the Vanilla cupcake with chocolate icing and sprinkles. The classic vanilla was a rich, buttery, old-fashioned cake with a light crumb. Magnolia claims it to be their most popular cupcake – and I can see why. They are so soft and just seem to melt in your mouth. Lex went for the Chocolate cupcake which was a rich moist cake with a smooth velvety texture and dark chocolate flavour. He got an extra hit of chocolate by opting for the chocolate icing also! When we took our first bites we just looked at each other and rolled our eyes – ridiculously good. I had a bit of a smug look on my face and asked Lex whether he was glad I took us here 🙂 It was a cool day in NY so we justified our decision to also order a Hot Cocoa. This was the most chocolatey hot chocolate I’d ever had! I powered through mine, although Lex struggled with the richness. And so our first visit to Magnolia Bakery was too good for words and we didn’t think anything could possibly beat it…until we went back.

Lex kept ‘suggesting’ we take a visit to Magnolia Bakery and of course I always want to keep him happy so I agreed…This time we decided to take our cupcakes back to our hotel as it was nighttime and simply too cold to enjoy them in the park. We also reasoned that this would probably be our last visit to MB and so we should really order two each…we both ordered the same cupcake as our first visit (as well as the Hot Cocoa!) and we each added a serving of the Carrot cupcake. Although I love Carrot cake I never would have chosen the Carrot cupcake. The server suggested it as we were a bit limited with our options (they were in between batches). The Carrot cupcake was topped with cream cheese icing and walnuts. This was like eating a little slice of heaven. It also turned out to be my favourite. I kind of need to stop talking about it because the cravings are getting too strong…

On our second last day in NY we decided to head to Serendipity 3, a really cool dessert place on the Upper East Side I’ve been wanting to try since watching Serendipity. There was an hour wait and Lex and I couldn’t justify waiting an hour for a hot chocolate and cake. Lex suggested we stop by the Magnolia Bakery in Grand Central Station. Although it sounds a little weird that we’d opt for dessert in a train station, it really is an iconic NY place and was kind of fun! Seeing as this would DEFINITELY be our last visit to Magnolia Bakery, Lex and I decided to put our crazy hats on and order something different. So we went for our standard Hot Cocoa and each ordered a cheesecake. In hindsight although they look small we really should have ordered one to share as they were sooooo rich – neither of us could finish. The cheesecakes are individually portioned on a cookie crumb crust and were so smooth. I went for the Vanilla Bean and Lex went for Chocolate. Although I felt like the size of a house afterwards, I’m still glad I ordered one as I’d been wanting to have a traditional NY cheesecake whilst there! Lex kept asking why and I told him cheesecake originate in NY – is this even true? Not sure.

Lis x



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