Jack’s Wife Freda, NY

Lex and I visited Jack’s Wife Freda during our trip to NY. It was on my list of places to go as it looked like quite a casual, warm place for dinner. We also knew we couldn’t afford to eat every night as Buddakan so we needed something a little more budget friendly. JWF has two locations, one in SoHo and one in the West Village (where we went). It’s a fairly new establishment that opened in 2012, however you get the sense that it’s a favourite spot with locals to catch up with friends and share food. We didn’t book (only parties of 6+ can make a reservation), but we managed to snag the last table right in the middle of the walkaway. I’d been eating my way through NY for the past couple of weeks so I was craving something light and healthy. I did spot the Peri Peri chicken with diced salad on the menu,  however I went for the Greek salad because I spotted an interesting inclusion – kale. Apart from the kale the salad came with the usual Greek salad ingredients – cucumber, tomato, pickled red onions, salt-cured olives and feta. You can also add a chicken skewer for something more substantial. I don’t usually like chicken added to a Greek salad so I opted not to go for the addition, although I wish I did as the salad on it’s on was more a side – I didn’t feel full enough with the salad on it’s own. As for the kale, it added an interesting texture to the salad and I quite liked it. I think it took away from a traditional Greek salad, but it was an interesting add on and I’m glad I gave it a go. Lex ordered Jack’s Burger – a beef patty with grilled tomato and fried onion with a side of fries. He was pretty pleased with his choice and it went down like a treat!

All in all, Jack’s Wife Freda is a casual place, great to come to with friends or for a fun, casual date. It was just what we needed at that point in our trip. Lex and I agreed if we lived in NY it would be a place we come to regularly. It also felt like a romantic place. I think that’s partly due to the romance of the restaurant’s creation (founded by a couple who have been together for years!). The postcards they use to serve the bill are also very cute and quirky.

Lis x



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