Fratelli, Sydney

Lex and I love Italian food and it is our favourite choice of cuisine. Before we started dating Lex and I were good friends and he was a cyclist who split his time between Sydney and Varese, Italy. Living in Italy means that he is always on the hunt for authentic Italian food in Sydney and is quite fussy (FYI, Lex is a pizza fan and I always go for the pasta). Lex’s friend suggested we make a visit to Fratelli in Potts Point. It is a fresh Italian produce store with a bar and a few tables and chairs scattered throughout. Immediately you’re transported into what feels like an authentic and fresh Italian food experience. The menu is limited (Lex always says thats a sign of a good restaurant), and the house red is an absolute must.

There are a few Fratelli restaurants placed throughout the city, one in Potts Point, another in Walsh Bay, Bridge St, Macquaire St, and just recently we stumbled across one in Alexandria. From my understanding they all have slightly different names “Fratelli Paradiso”, “Fratelli Parlamento”, as well as different takes on the menu. Common to all of them however is fresh, seasonal food, delicious vino and rich Italian sauces.

Fratelli Parlamento on Macquarie St was our most recent Fratelli foodie venture. We went with our close friends to celebrate our anniversary. Parlamento is an elegant restaurant with plenty of tables, including stools at the chef’s table where you can watch them whipping up meals and soak up the experience. We booked because it was a Saturday night, and I’d probably recommend booking as it was quite busy. Lex has been on a Friday night and said it was full, so better to be safe!

What we ordered

For those not familiar with the Italian way of eating and sharing food, you normally order your Antipasti (entree), Primi (first course), Secondi (main) and Dolci (dessert). I can never usually keep up with that amount of food and normally just order Antipasti, one course and Dolci. Besides, my favourite Italian food is pasta and that’s a primi.

To start with we ordered two Antipasti and a bottle of the house red. I know some may turn up their noses at ordering house wine, but this isn’t your normal house option at the local RSL, this really is the best wine on the list and largely what Fratelli’s is known for. We ordered the Zucchini Flowers which were stuffed with a variety of Italian cheeses. These literally melt in your mouth. They are so soft and moorish, we should have ordered double!  We also ordered the Arancini. There were quite a few on the plate and they were more bite-sized than the larger Arancini we usually have – but nonetheless, delicious! They were stuffed with Taleggio (Italian cheese), mixed herbs and a dash of cheese. I would definitely order these when going with a group of people as they’re great to share.

For Primi I always go for the pasta and this trip to Fratelli’s was no different! I ordered the Tagliatelle with meatballs in a fresh, tomato sauce. Our tomatoes don’t seem to taste as good as those in Italy (a complaint Lex regularly makes), however this sauce was as good as it gets. The dish came with four meatballs on a bed of al-dente tagliatelle. If you haven’t had tagliatelle before it’s traditionally a flatter style of pasta similar to fettuccine. The servings are generous but not over the top and admittedly after all the Antipasti I couldn’t quite finish my pasta – but that’s not a reflection on the taste of the pasta, it was delicious. Lex ordered the Pizza Arrabbiata with pork sausage and smoked mozzarella. He added some chilli flakes to the pizza as it still wasn’t spicy enough for his taste buds. Of course I asked for a bite and made sure to grab a big enough bite that I got to taste the pork sausage! For someone who is not big on pizza, this was really yummy and very cheesy.

Seeing as we have our new rule about not visiting the same place twice (and we’ve been to Fratelli’s about four times!), it will be a while until we go again, so let me know if you go and how you liked it.

Lis x


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